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Δημοσιεύτηκε - 20/09/2006 :  17:56:32  Εμφάνιση Προφίλ  Επίσκεψη της σελίδας του
This section was created under demand of many foreign runners-friends who live in Greece, but don’t speak the language very well, and wanted information about road races and other run-endurance event which take place in Greece. Because of lack of time and funds we couldn’t create a whole mirror-site of in English but we can have an English section in our Forum so our friends who don’t understand Greek very well can discuss here any matter concerning running. You can chat about news, get information about races in Greece, find training partners or arrange trainings with friends, pose your question on matters concerning running or even ask for a translation of a

Note that in this section only posts in English will be permitted. Posts in any other language, including Greek, will be deleted or moved.
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